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We provide fruit tree services to control the major pests with minimum pesticide applications. Correct pruning will decrease some disease environments, discouraging a need for more pesticide applications. Correct watering, nutrition and thinning will significantly increase your fruit quality.

Lime Sulphur (LS)


An organic pesticide used to control spring diseases and insects on peaches, pears, grapes and some ornamental plants.

Spring Dormant (S Dor)


Horticultural oil which interferes with the insects respiration in the egg stage causing death. Used on apples, apricots, cherries, nut and plum to control leafroller, scale, mites etc.

Pink (PK)


The pink blossom stage of apples is the timing of this service. It controls caterpillars such as leafroller, mildew and other pests on apples and pears.

Petal Fall (PF)


Spring caterpillars such as leafroller, scale insects and mites are controlled now as well as some diseases on apples and pears.

Bloom (BF)


At first blossom of cherries. Controls brown rot on stone fruit.

Husk Fall (HF)


As the spent bloom husk drops we control coryneum blight, brown rot and many insects such as leafroller on stone fruit. chanel replica

Cherry Fruit Fly 1 (CFF1)


1st spray to control worms in your cherries (sweet and sour variety)

Cherry Fruit Fly 2 (CFF2)


2nd spray to control worms in your cherries (sweet and sour variety)

Codling Moth 1, 2, 3, 4 (CM1, CM2, CM3, CM4)


Controls the worm and other pests in apples, including crab apples, pears, grapes and nuts. Each spray is about 14 days apart. chanel replica sale

Coryneum Blight (CBF)


To control fruit spotting on apricots and leaf curl on peaches. Applied in September.


Our service program may change from year to year as the seasons and pest populations change, but the abbreviation will remain current and new ones may be added if needed. If you need to add any of the above services to your existing program, please contact us.