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Our turf fertilizers contain slow release nitrogen to feed your lawn slowly over the season. A healthy lawn needs to be fed at least three times a year and have a winterizer application in the fall to strengthen the root system over the winter. We only apply weed control where you have weeds. Our trucks are equipped with an injection system that enables us to “spot spray” the weeds on your lawn. If you have no weeds, all you receive is liquid fertilizer. Herbicide is used as a tool to control the weeds. After initial control, we promote proper cultural practices (mowing, watering, aerating & fertilization) to maintain a weed free lawn.

Core Aeration


Cores of soil are punched 3/4" diameter and 2 - 2 ½” deep and spaced less than 5" apart. Aeration increases the infiltration and efficiency of water, air and nutrients. It is a good service for clay soil and helps to break up thatch buildup.

Doing Your Part in Caring for Your Lawn


When you see a lawn that is a uniform green color through the summer months, you’ll find an efficient watering system.  There are some “water me” signs that will help us to determine when to water our turf grasses.
When to "water me" How long to "water me"
... in early morning or early evening. One inch of water will moisten 6” soil depth place ‘water cup’ in your sprinkler area and determine the time needed to fill to inch.
Foot printing ---------If footprints remain in the turf or disappear slowly, the turf plants need water.
Indicator spots ------These spots dry quicker than other turf areas.  They turn a dark bluish-green, then to an orange or straw-yellow color.

This is the water required for turf grass each 7 days.

In the summer heat each 3-4 days may be needed.  Just feed it or watch for the “water me” signs.

Water is never used up it is only re-cycled.  There will be sufficient for all if we improve our management skills


Feel ------------------Soil taken from a 3” depth in your turf area should hold together under pressure.  If the ball is somewhat crumbly but holds together from pressure it is time to water.

Mowing Tip


Sharpen lawn mower blade regularly. A dull blade will leave grass tips looking off color after mowing from tips being torn not cut.